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GQSD is 3 years old! New time and location for August

Hey y’all,
Come celebrate 3 years of Genderqueer San Diego!! We’re holding a different kind of meetup… at Broke Girls Coffee Bar back patio (3562 Adams Ave. in Normal Heights) at 1-2:30pm this Sunday, Aug 3rd. Bring a game, a question, an ally, or just your fun self.

I’ll bring a few decks of cards and maybe a board game or two. Broke Girls Coffee Bar is trans and GQ welcoming, and people have been asking for a more casual meetup space that feels social, so we’re giving it a try. It won’t be a closed-door environment where confidentiality can be preserved, so we encourage you to be informed about this as you plan to attend.

Allies who identify with a binary gender are also welcome to join us every month.

See you tomorrow!
Liat @ GQSD


About GQSD

We are a community of people whose identities range from non-binary transgender, to genderqueer, agender/genderless, neutrois, androgynous, bigender, two-spirit, genderbender, genderfluid, genderblender, and any other gender non-conforming identity. Creating a genderqueer space in San Diego enables people to explore their own non-binary gender identities. Equally important, it helps both the cisgender and binary transgender communities start to understand genderqueer experience. It is one way to begin to address binary privilege. Our goal is to form an intentional community, built on anti-oppression principles, that is safe for everyone - whatever their gender identity, presentation, race, class, educational level, ability, mental health status, age, nationality, ethnicity, employment status, etc.

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